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Hope I Have A Breath Mint

Hope I Have A Breath Mint This is a testament To my appointment with destiny Hope I have a breath mint Impress me Not doing so would be the death … Continue reading

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Silence is golden That is why I think you should Please just stop talking

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Sonic Love

Sonic Love Completed by nature I felt connections to her soul Wired with professional feels I flipped the switch on the controls All to eleven All to eleven So loud … Continue reading

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Probs Totes Adorbs

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Becoming The concept of beginning Becoming The changes happen Calculating combustion Figuring consumption The food was not eaten But now it is The glass was not smashed But now it … Continue reading

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Inescapable Dance

Inescapable Dance Take hands Twirl and spin In a dance of death You assume your approachable form I remain human Caught in shrieking strings Shredded garments wave endlessly Red eyes … Continue reading

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Code Chainsaw Gray

Code Chainsaw Gray Find out Haunted inside closed doors Open free grazing ghosts Curtains of blood red A small flower grows Pretending not to notice ice Hibernate for days Get … Continue reading

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On A Mysterious Sea

On A Mysterious Sea Variable camera taking soul pictures Morphing self-involvement Notes of multicolored wavelengths Captured in a net of negativity The lure of sleep is strong Singing this ship … Continue reading

October 2, 2014 · 2 Comments

The Crossed-Out Days

The Crossed-Out Days Ready for the first time Savoring every breath Ready to be satisfied Ready for happiness Waiting for a long time Daylight has gone away Forgetting my sunshine … Continue reading

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And The Wind, Throughout The Halls

  And The Wind, Throughout The Halls Shut shutters Shutting up Flapping in the wind Windows boarded up Bored mind frozen Sipping warm brew Watching cold worlds go by Watching … Continue reading

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Tabloid Suicide

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Tabloid suicide Today was the day she died She tried to hide what was inside But it came out and took her life Tabloid suicide…

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The Sentence

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He waited and waited and waited. He sat at a desk and typed out his sentence on a computer. His number never came up. One…

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Sunshine Winter Three Course Meal

Sunshine Winter Three Course Meal That feeling of Christmas is upon us Upon me anyway It always feels like Sunday evening Always like a fire should be started Lazy days … Continue reading

September 13, 2014 · 1 Comment

Rain Is Nothing When You’re Already Drowning

Rain Is Nothing When You’re Already Drowning Some people treat love like it’s a watering can. They go around giving a tiny amount to everyone, when they remember, and hope … Continue reading

September 12, 2014 · 1 Comment

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