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Dulls The Senses

Dulls The Senses

Sidebar tells me nothing to play
On the video front
Music is free
Costs a lot in soul
To make a soulless symphony
Suggest a song
Suggest the bucket be kicked
Out from under broken hearts
Dangling together side by side
Pulling back the strings
That make them bang together
On an office desk
Hanging quietly
Click click click
In rhythmic ruin
During the course of an eight hour day
When half the mind
Is fantasizing about the times
Between sheets full of numbers
That dull the senses
While the other half hasn’t fully awakened
To the droning of drones in monotone
While a neighbor listens to life
On a speakerphone
It dulls the senses
Makes them numb
Until the fund infusion
Is the only reminder that anything was done

One comment on “Dulls The Senses

  1. thehobbler
    July 27, 2014

    Comfortably numb. Maybe a little too comfortably.

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